Heroic Scale Female Heads - Techno Raiders Sprue 1 is one of a set of limited-release master castings. Master castings are the intermediate stage between the original part and the production castings I usually sell.

I realised that due to shrinkage from moulding and casting, the final product would be too small. However, the master casting size is just right, so I have decided to release these. Eventually, revised versions will go into full production.

Please note, these heads are the same volume as the existing Heroic Scale Female Heads range, but have different facial proportions and longer necks. If the neck is too long, I recommend drilling a neck diameter hole in the body to give a solid socket.

Quantities are very limited.
  • 5 metal female heads.
The SMA3XX Heroic Scale Female Heads - Techno Raiders Sprue 1 set is priced at £2.75.

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