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Open for orders, but expect delays - have 10% OFF!

 by statuesqueminiatures on 03 Apr 2020 |
2 Comment(s)
***The next date on which I intend to make a Post Office trip is Monday 17th of August. This date is not guaranteed. Your order may be subject to significant delay. Please read the full information below.***
Hi everyone, I hope you are doing ok and staying safe indoors.

I have decided to update the website again to show that I am still taking orders and they are still being dispatched, though this may be subject to significant delay.

I am currently trying to avoid visiting the Post Office as much as possible, giving myself at least a week between trips. Every time I clear the order backlog and post all orders, I put forward the date of my next considered Post Office trip to one week from that day.

For example, on the 10th of August I cleared the backlog so the next date I intend to make a Post Office trip was Monday 17th of August. However, no date is guaranteed and I reserve the right to delay Post Office trips further.

This information is clearly displayed at multiple locations around the webshop and during the ordering process and will be updated as appropriate. I believe I have now set up the order process in such a way that no customer can be unaware that their order may be subject to delay.

Some orders may be dispatched sooner than the 'next intended date' if they do not require tracking and I have the stamps needed in stock - these orders can be posted in a post box and do not require a trip to the Post Office. However, again I cannot guarantee this nor do I guarantee that any particular order can be posted in this way.

So far the longest time from order placed to dispatch has been one week, but I cannot guarantee that your order won't be subject to a longer delay.

To the Special Offer!
  • Use the coupon code 'lockdown' to receive 10% OFF your order. Enter the code on the Shopping Basket page in the box marked 'coupon code' and click 'Apply'.
Anyway, thank you all for your patience and for the orders that have been coming in despite all this. They are all greatly appreciated. Best wishes to everyone.


Alan Nash - Comment
Alan Nash14 Apr 2020Reply
Discount code isn't working for me in Chrome, Opera, Firebox or Microsoft Edge.
Apply button changes to processing, then back to apply with no changes.
Andrew Rae - Comment
Andrew Rae15 Apr 2020Reply
Hi Alan, sorry for the issue. It should be sorted now.

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