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Important update from the lockdown - PLEASE READ

 by statuesqueminiatures on 23 Mar 2020 |
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Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

Earlier today I took the decision to suspend posting orders until further notice. The Scottish Government had made clear that only essential work should take place. Added to that, folk in this part of rural Scotland were totally ignoring social distancing advice. I made a trip to the Post Office to post all the existing orders and it was eye-opening how little notice people were taking of what's going on.

Since then, the UK and Scottish Governments have implemented a full lockdown on movement other than the essential. Unfortunately it is unclear at this time whether a trip to the Post Office counts as 'essential' - Post Offices are remaining open, but while it's essential to my business that I post orders, is that the kind of essential they mean? As I said, today the Post Office was full of people ignoring social distancing advice. Maybe now the lockdown is in place, they might take note.

I'll continue to monitor the information given by government. It is possible I will be able to resume sending order before the end of the lockdown but I need clarity first. If people continue to act like they did today, I won't be going anywhere.

The current lockdown is in force for three weeks initially, from the 23rd of March.

No orders will be posted during this time.

You can still place orders, but you must be aware that they will not be posted in the usual time, and may not be posted for some weeks. Over the next few days, I'll look at what I can offer as an incentive for orders, with the caveat that they won't be posted for some time.

Needless to say, my earnings are now effectively zero. I'll need to investigate what support there is for the self-employed - currently not much. But this will not be a terminal situation for Statuesque Miniatures - I sculpt everything, I mould and cast many of my products myself, and I have the Left at the Bottom of the Garden Chapter Two Kickstarter ready to roll when we're out the other side.

Stay safe, stay indoors.


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